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W1101 - KFH - Programme 2011 : Fundacion Krishnamurti Hispanoamericana


Dear friends

During the year ended , the Krishnamurti Foundatión for Hispanoamerica has met with joy
an serenity , its main purpose which is to spread Krishnamurti teaching in Latinoamerica,
taking care not to explain or interpret it, and awarded inheritances or legacies, but to
put his books, lectures and dialogues to reach of those who feel the ned to approach them.

This is de only function of the Foundations, as said by Krishnamurti on several occasions.

Breakdown of activities carried out by the Foundations Dialogue Group and Research,
during the year that is endinng.

Meeting of the Dialogue and Research Groups

March 3 : Reading : Fire in the Mind
Projection : To watch without any movement of thougt

March 17 : Reading : On Mind and Thougth
Proyection : Thougth and the divisive proces

April 7 : Reading : Talks with Americans Students
Proyection : Ending disorder now

April 21 : Reading : On God
Proyection : The question of Religion an Meditation

Mayo 5 : Reading : Can Humanity Change ?
Proyection : 1ª Question & Answers- Saanen 1984

Mayo 19 : Reading : The Wholesness of Life
Proyection : To watch without any movement of thougt

Junio 2 : Reading : On Nature and the Environment
Proyection : Freedom from the Self

Junio 30 : Reading : : The Awakening of Intelligence Tº3
Proyection : The Function of the Brain

Julio 14 : Reading : The Collected Works -Tº IV
Proyection : The mirror of relationship

Julio 22 : Reading : Truth and Actuality
Proyection : The Nature of the Mind

Agosto 4 : Reading : An Anthology
Proyection : Freedom

Agosto 18 : Reading : Fire in the Mind
Proyection : 2ª Question & Answers- Saanen 1984

Sept. 1 : Reading : The Ending of Time
Proyection : The Function of the Brain

Sept.15 : Reading : On Mind and Thought
Proyection : Thought and the Divisive Proces

Octub.6 : Reading : The Awakening of Intelligence- Tº2
Proyection : On the Nature of Love

Oct.20 : Reading : Question & Answers
Proyection : The Cause of Conflict in Relationship

Nov.3 : Reading : Krishnamurti Talks 1949-1950
Proyection : Latest Talks in Saanen

Nov. 17 : Reading : On Fear
Proyection : Meditatión II (Conversation with Dr.,A..Anderson)

Dic. 1 : Reading : On Nature and the Environment
Proyection : Meditation and Sacred Mind (Conversation with Dr. Anderson)

Dic.15 : Reading : The Right Livelihood
Proyection : Ending the disorder now

We have also answered over 1200 inquiries and coments from the 2600 friends from around
the world enrrolled in the Foundation and have been present at meetings of organizations
and Foundatios friends, among which we highlight those made in the Senate of the Nation.

The personal and financial effort that has meant the activity was carried out by small number
of firends who hope will grow in the years starts, in order to achieve our objetive of spreading
Krishnamurti teaching.

What follows is actually a mirror where everyone can see himself :

« THE RIVER OF LIFE » - (« Think on These Things » page 154 -Harper & Row, Publishers)

Krishnamurti talks in India, parents, teachers and students.

" I don’t know if on your walks you have noticed a long, narrow pool beside the river.
Some fishermen must have dug it, and it is not connected with the river.
The river is
flowing steadily, deep and wide, but this pool is heavy with scum because it is not
connected with the life of the river, and there are no fish in it. It is a stagnant pol,
and the deep river, full of life and vitality, flows swiftly along.

Now, don’t you think human beings are like that ? They dig a little pool for themselves
away from the swift current of life, and in that little pool they stagnate, die ; and this
stagnation, this decay we call existence. That is, we all want a state of permanency ;
we want certain desires to last for ever, we want pleasures to have no end.

We dig a little hole and barricade ourselves in it with our families, with our ambitions,
our cultures, our fears, our gods, our various forms of worship, and there we die, letting
life go by—that life which is impermanent, constantly changing, which is so swift, which
has such enormous depths, such extraordinary vitality and beauty.
Have you not notice that if you sit quietly on the bank of the river you hear its song—
the lapping of the water, the sound of the current going by ? There is always a sense of
movemen, an extraordinary movement towards the wider and the deeper.

But in the little
pool there is no movement at all, its water is stagnant. And if you observe you will see that
this is what most of us want : little stagnant pools of existence away from life. We say that
our pool-existence is rigth, and we have invented a philosophy to justify it ; we have
developed social, politcal, economic and religious theories in support of it, and we don’t
want to be disturbed because, you see, what we are after is a sense of permanency.


A mind which is seeking permanency soon stagnates ; like that pool along the river, it is
son full of corruption, decay. Only the mind which has no walls, no foothold, no barrier,
no resting place, which is moving completely with life, timelessly pushing on, exploring,
exploding—only such a mind can be happy, eternally new, because it is creative in itself.

(page 156)


We said goodbye until next March, wishing happy holidays and a year
2012 where the relationship is based on dialogue and research.


Raquel Berant President

Bernardo Rudoy Secretary


Rodriguez Peña 434- 2do.piso- Buenos Aires (1020) -Argentina
Tel. 54-11- 4373-5803- cel. 15 4 44891290
Mail : brudoy

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